How to avoid breaking your high heels

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Breaking your high heels is one of the ultimate fashion nightmares and it usually happens when you least expect it. Here are a few tips to minimize the risk of breaking your stilettos.

You may not believe it, but one of the main reasons why high heels break is the way you walk on them. It is a bit of a vicious circle that starts with you being uncomfortable on your high heels. After a while your feet start to hurt so without realizing you change your strut a bit. Then a bit more. Now this has bad effects not only on your feet, but your high heels, too. Your body weight is now shifted differently and puts more strain on the wrong parts of both your feet and high heels.

In most general terms you will start to shift your bodyweight slightly to the side. This is why you see some women with wobbling feet when walking on high heels. Or sometimes it is evident that the shoes are at an angle. Walk long enough like that and it is just a matter of time until you step on such an angle that at the very least you will break off the heel or maybe injure your foot. This is why it is vital to learn to walk in high heels properly.

Next up, rough surfaces. You may be able to walk in your stilettos like a supermodel now, but if you get the heel caught inbetween tiles or on a grate, it could easily be game over. If you have the option, walk around such surfaces. But sometimes you don’t have this luxury. So it is best to step slowly and carefully. Shift a little more of your bodyweight towards your toes and walk through with the heel barely touching the ground.

The biggest challenge would be walking down a steel grate staircase. If present, grab the railing and use it for extra leverage. Either way, walk down slowly and position your entire foot on the step before you put weight on it. If possible, try to place the heel tip on a crossing section between the holes in the grate.

The same goes for rough pavements, cobble and so on. The key is to not rush it, take your time and watch your step. After you have navigated the rough patch, you can go back to walking gracefully and looking like a million bucks.

Also don’t forget to take frequent brakes. You may be able to handle your heels beautifully, but as the day goes by and your feet get more and more tired it is easier to overlook something or to make a wrong step. Thus if you relax your feet throughout the day with a few brakes, your feet will feel much better and stronger.

And sadly, sometimes no matter how well you are prepared, a heel can break. Thi is why it is a good idea to carry some superglue with you if it’s possible to fix it on the go. Also check out our other methods to fix a broken high heel.

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