How to avoid ruining New Year’s Eve because of painful high heels

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Ah, New Year’s Eve. The one night a year where all fashion styles are perfectly fine and you can be as daring in your high heels as possible, but pain often ruins it.

Yes, every year we promise that we will be more sensible with the shoe choices and yet we always pick the most daring and sexy high heels we have, only to regret it a few hours later. Well, not always, but most of us here have quite a lot of experience with high heels and we know that not everyone do.

So, we also know that painful shoes can ruin a perfectly good and fun night. Instead of having fun, you are looking for places to sit, hoping to remove your shoes or simply doing it at the price of ruining your look, outfit and becoming one of “the girls who couldn’t handle it or got too drunk” even though you are perfectly sober.

The solution to your problems is careful preparation. We already have made a couple of lists with tips about how to handle a night of partying in high heels. But now here are some more specific tips to take note and ensure you have a great New Year’s Eve celebration with no pain from your high heels, or at the very least, as little discomfort as possible.

First is for those of you who don’t wear high heels often or are not used to the heels you want to wear, which we assume are very, very high. You still have a couple of days to wear them for brief periods of time at home simply to break them in and to get your feet more used to their height. If they are simply too uncomfortable and don’t fit you properly, you can simply pick a different pair or try our next tips which, by the way, are for all high heel wearers.

Before putting your shoes on, moisturize your feet. You should do this often, actually as it will both keep your feet in good condition and will also make your skin more durable and not that easy to scuff.

Then pad the shoes properly. There are adhesive moleskin paddings, cottons, gel inserts, cushions, you name it. You can protect the areas that the shoes scuff your skin, give extra comfort to the ball of the foot, prevent the back of the shoe to blister your heel. Choose what to add to your heels according to your needs and preferences.

Finally, don’t forget to take breaks from time to time. You can also take the heels off for a few minutes and wiggle your fingers and feet to relax them. Crossing your legs will also relieve some of the stress, especially on the foot that is in the air, so switch them often for better effect. This way you can spend that much more time in heels while being more comfortable and able to actually have fun during the event.

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