How to be stylish and elegant in high heels at the Christmas party

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Christmas is here! This means a lot of various Christmas parties and lots of opportunities for fashion outfits. But, how to be stylish and elegant in high heels at these Christmas parties?

Well, that depends a lot on the setting of the said parties. Most of them would be family events, but there would and will be some Christmas parties that are more… open.

The real challenge is achieving the elegant high heel look at a family event. Now, you may ask, why would you want to wear high heels at a family Christmas party. But then again, since you’re on a site that’s dedicated entirely to high heels, you might not ask this. Still, we should answer – because, if you’re like us, you love high heels all the time.

And you just want to make every event feel special. And you feel great wearing high heels. Should we go on? We think you get the picture. So, let’s dive straight into it and check out a few tips and ideas on

How to be stylish and elegant in high heels at the Christmas party

First, to clear the setting for the party. These few tips are for a family Christmas party.

So, avoid tight clothes. Well fitted clothes are fine. But they shouldn’t be two-sizes too small or revealing.

Also, keep it simple. You can experiment with brighter or more accented colors, but keep it classic.

The same is valid for the shoes. Keep the brightly colored and shiny high heels for the parties. And also keep the platform high heels for other events.

Instead, opt for classic pumps with a modest heel. If it’s too cold, it’s fine to go for a pair of classic, crisp, plain knee high boots. They can be leather, with slightly pointed toes and with medium heels. Well, if you want to drive your special someone crazy, you can also opt for slightly higher, spike heels, too.

If you want to rock over-the-knee boots, then they should be suede and near skin-tight. Also pair them with tights or leggings, if you’re rocking a skirt or a shorter dress.

You also can’t go wrong with a classic turtleneck shirt and a knee-length skirt, teamed with heels. A stylish coat can also complete this look.

If you’re opting for pants or jeans, then you can go either with looser fit pants or more fitted ones. For the former it’s best to opt for thinner, more elegant heels. The latter are great with booties to create an even more elongated look.

For parties with friends or clubbing, you already know, pretty much everything goes. It would all depend on the effect and style you’re going after. But stick to the classics for the family events. This way you will both look good, feel great and make the right impression. Merry Christmas!

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