How to break in high heels

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How to break in high heelsWalking in new shoes is always like a bit of a chore no matter how much you like them. The reason for that is they aren’t broken in and don’t follow your feet as good as the beloved old shoes. It is especially important to break in high heels as well as you need your shoes to be comfortable for the long run.

At first sight it sounds very easy. Just put the shoes on and walk for a while. But the effectiveness of this varies depending on the type of shoe and materials it is made from. Some are more ridgit and return their factory form. So how to break in high heels? Lets see a few tips.

How to break in high heels

Stiettos and most other types of high heels need to be sturdy and not change their shape very much. After all you kinda need the heels of the shoes to always be at the same place and not move.

Some shops and shoe repair shops actually offer services to stretch, bend and fix shoes. But if your shoes need stretching this means you’ve probably bought the wrong size in the first place which is a big mistake. Always get the right size. Always.

If you just need to make them a bit looser though then you can warm them up with a hair dryer for a few mintues and then put them on and walk around the house. Repeat this a few times.

It will be even easier to break in high heels if you also put thicker socks on and warm the shoes like that and walk them around. This will loosen them up a bit without ruining their form.

How to break in boots

Ah, boots. They can be the ultimate high heeled shoes but they can also bring in a lot of pain. We’re sure you have or have had at least one pair of great looking boots that you just can’t wear despite how much you want to. Often you said that they feel a bit too tight or uncomfortable to the seller when you were trying them in the shop. And the seller said they will stretch a bit with time. And that never happened.

Well it can happen but slowly especially for leather or lack boots. A classic home recipie is to spray the inside of the boots with rubbing alcohol and water and wear the boots for 20 or so mintues. But don’t to that if your boots are lined with leather from the inside as well.

Another classic recipie is to fill a couple of zip bags with water (and no air in them) and place them in the boots. Then put the boots in the freezer for the night. As the water freezes it will expand and stretch the boots just enough.

Apart from that you can of course break in high heels and boots by walking. This will “teach” the shoes to bend in the right places and will make them more comfortable. This is why it is better to break in high heels yourself by walking and with the tips above and not send them to the shop to do that, because they don’t know the shape of your leg and simply use a standart foot mold.

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