How to buy nude high heels

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These peep-toe stilettos are great for evening outfits. / Image credit:

Choosing nude high heels can sometimes be tricky. Especially with what outfit to pair them properly. But with a little careful planning all will be well.

Nude high heels are a bit special in the way they can look very good but need to be chosen properly. They are not like your typical classic black stilettos that can basically look good with every outfit. Nude heels need some more special attention.

The main benefit of nude high heels is that they make your legs look much longer. The general thought is that these types of shoes look best when they are made out of patent leather or other shiny material. Thus they look more sleek and elengant.

It is best to pair nude high heels with darker colors. Naturally they work great with some bare skin too. Avoid bright pastels like orange for example. Since nude high heels tend to be “invisible” for the first few moments, the natural flow of the eye is drawn to the outfit and the legs, if they are bare. This means your overall outfit should be on point.

But not all nude high heels are the same. There are actually quite a few different shades. Choose one that is as close to your own skin shade as possible, but not an exact match. After all you don’t want to look like your feet are shaked like high heels.

As for the types of heels, well there you have a big choice since all heels are made in a nude color. Nude stilettos for example work great with skinny jeans, blue jeans. If you plan to wear them all day, opt for a pair with thicker soles, as it will be more comfortable.

Nude kitten heels are best worn with skirts and dresses and slim trousers. Avoid wide trousers as your look will be distorted.

Nude wedge heels are great for casual outfits. Pair them with long summer skirts and dresses with a darker color or pattern.

Consider these tips when buying nude high heels in order to choose the best pair for your needs. Also remember that the main goal is for you to feel good.

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