How to choose graduation shoes

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You have been waiting for this day for years. School is finally over for good, but it comes with lots of preparation. Here’s how to choose graduation shoes easily and be (relavitely) comfortable in them.

Often girls pick insanley high shoes or killer heels that would ruin their feet. There is nothing wrong with wearing killer heels if you can handle them. Sadly most girls can’t but they think it is normal to feel pain when wearing high heels.

Here are a few tips to consider when you are choosing your graduation shoes (most often, high heels).

It is tempting to wear the highest heels possible, but not that much people will notica actually. Especially if you have a long gown. So it is perfectly fine to opt for lower heels that will be much more comfortable.

If you want the extra height you can opt for platforms or even wedges. Wedges have more of a causal look, but graduation nights are all about being unique, so you can experiment.

If you don’t want wedges, high heels with ankle straps are the next best thing. They look great, make your feegs look longer and best of all give you extra balanceand better fit.

Next up color. It is not manadatory that the color of your graduation shoes must match the color of your gown. Actually a little splash of extra color might work good.

Pick the shoes that above all make you feel good. If you feel confident, comfortable and on point, these are the shoes for you.

Keep in mind that you will be spending most of the day and night in these shoes. You will be walking a lot, dancing, standing. So when you choose graduation shoes, by all means, walk with them in the store for a few minutes. If you don’t feel comfortable enough, it is best to opt for a different pair.

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