How to choose high heels for wide feet

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If you have wide feet, wearing high heels can be a bit of a challenge. There aren’t many wide high heels available, but there is some stuff you can do.

Many women don’t pay attention to the width of their feet and shoes. They simply think it is normal to squeeze your feet into a crammed shoe. There are a few problems with that.

First, it will bring your much discomfort. Second, it will make your feet look even wider, since they will distort the shape of the toe box. Third it is not really good for the shoes either.

Sadly sometimes it is simply too difficult to find proper fittind wide high heels so many ladies opt for the crammed shoes. But there are a few simple tips you can apply in order to get a better look and be comfortable.

For example opt for strappy high heels or a more opened one. This will give your feet more room and will hide the fact they are a bit wider than the shoe much better.

Avoid kitten heels and shoes with too thick straps. They make the foot seem wider by default. A taller and slimmer heel is a much better option. Slingback high heels, pumps are also a good choice.

The color is also very important. Nude colored high heels would work best since they make an overall impression of a longer leg. They will also hide the distortion of the shoe relatively well.

Brown, metallic, pink and peach colors are also a good option. Black is thought to be an universal color but actually shiny black shoes show the distorion the most. So opt for matte ones or another color.

After all you want to find some proper fitting wide high heels? Your best best is to ask at the stores if they can deliver or order through a catalogue. Online stores also often have such options which are usually maked with one of the following letters: M or B for medium width; W or D for wide; WW or EE for extra wide.

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