How to choose pumps that fit properly

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Pumps are the most popular type of high heels, but a lot of women don’t really pick the right pair. This leads to discomfort and pain. Here are a few tips on how to choose pumps that fit properly.

Begin with knowing your size. There are two schools of thought here. Some say that you should pick shoes at the end of the day because your feet have expanded a bit. Others say this will make you buy the wrong size which will lead to problems.

The solution is somewhere in between. If you are going to be walking a lot in your pumps, then it is better to consider how they will fit after a few hours after the feet expand.

The first step is to measure you feet. All quality stores will have a feet measuring device which you can use. The store employees will be able to help you if needed.

Next gather the heels you like that are available in your size. If one of your feet is slightly bigger than the other one, choose a size that will accommodate the bigger foot. You will be able to pad the other shoe to ensure proper fit for both.

Sometime brands use different size charts so you may have to try a half size up or down. Your best guide is the tightness. A shoe must fit easily on your foot. If you feel that it is too tight, or it squishes your toes, opt for another size. If a shoe is too loose, you may slip in it.

The shoe must fit well all around your feet. Usually there are small gaps around the arch which indicate a poor fit. The shoe should look like a part or an extension of your foot. Make a few steps around the store to see how the fit is.

It is also possible to feel tightness only on certain parts of the shoe. If that is the case, it is best to opt for a different pair or design. If the shoe is made out of suede you may be able to stretch it, but that would work only if you need just a tiny little bit more room.

Here are a few more tips for good fitting of other types of high heels and boots, too.

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