How to choose the best skirt and high heels for you

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How to choose the best skirt and high heels for you
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The combination of high heels and a skirt is probably the most feminine and beloved outfit by everyone. But it can also be one of the most challenging.

Wearing a skirt and high heels is all about proportions. Choosing the right style and shape is very important. Some think that a short skirt and high heels will always send the “right” message and that’s that. But in fact, they can send the wrong message, too if you are not really suited for such an outfit or is not balanced properly.

Then again, some think that a long skirt is only for grannies. In fact, a properly chosen and worn long skirt can have a mesmerizing effect on everyone much more than the classic short skirt and high heels combo.

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There are several things you need to consider before choosing a skirt an high heels. First is your body type and second is the look or message you want to send. Women with long legs have the benefit of basically being able to wear any type of skirt. If your calves are fuller, then you may want to avoid midi skirts as they can make you look shorter and chubbier. You can try to offset that with a pair of thin high heels, but without ankle straps. Opt for a nude color or something brighter so not to draw attention to your feed but have them seem longer and slimmer.

That last one is also a great tip for women with shorter legs. They can also benefit from platforms. You can also elongate your legs with a skirt that is reaching just below the widest part of your thighs. High-wasted longer skirts can have a similar effect, especially if you have a slimmer body and the skirts are body hugging. An alternative is a flaring skirt with the similar length. A slim, high-waisted maxi skirt with high heels can also have a pretty elongating and stylish effect.

f you want to show off your curves, then opt for shorter and form-hugging skirts. They can be from any fabric you want. Paired with thin high heels you will make everyone notice you. If you want to create a silhouette and a slightly different shape, then opt for longer, flared skirts or a skirt with a peplum. Also go for stiffer and slightly thicker fabrics that hold their shape like leather, suede and so on.

A-line skirts, specially ones that flare out over the hips are perfect to make your waist appear slimmer. Especially if you show off more of your legs and they are on high heels with ankle straps. Another option is to go for wide hemps and loose draped skirts. They are good for slimming down.

If you have a classic hourglass body shape, then you would want to show it off. Snug-fitting skirts with slightly thicker, smoothing fabrics are the way to go. High waist skirts are also a good choice. Classic pumps or fitted boots are a good choice, to steal the show.


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