How to choose the height of the high heels to wear

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How to choose the height of the high heels to wear
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You love to wear high heels, but sometimes you wish you hadn’t opt for heels at all. Chosing the proper height of your shoes is important to be comfortable.

There are several factors you need to consider before you choose the height of the high heels you are going to wear. First one is the outfit. What kind of a message do you want to send? If it is strictly professional then opt for a suit with a knee lenght pencil skirt or a pair of dressy pants. Opt for lower to medium high heels, that are with plain design and thin or cone heels.

If it is for a party look, then you can be more brave and opt for club high heels, platforms and so on. Remember that the shorter the dress or skirt and the higher the heel, the more provocative you look, so if you don’t want to attract too much attention, balance it with shorter heels or a longer dress.

Next consider the type of day and the duration you will be wearing th heels. If you are going to spend the day mostly sitting in the office is one thing, dancing all night at the club is a very different story. Pick shoes that you feel comfortable in.

If you are going to walk for most of the day, but you don’t want to opt for normal shoes, then opt for lower and chunky heels. They will give you more support and will make it easier to navigate through the rough sidewalks and various terrain. Avoid spike heels unles you are already really good at handling them.

Remember that the higher the heels, the more pressure there is on your calves and thighs. This will also make your legs look sleek and slender, but it can tire them quickly. You have to be in good shape to be able to walk in such heels for long. Work your way up to them and take frequent breaks.

Pick heels that don’t limit your movement. Put them on and sit down and cross your legs. Rotate the foot that is in the air clockwise and counter clockwise. Are you able to do it? If your movement is limited or feel rubbing or scraping from the shoe on your foot, then these heels are not good for long wearing.

Next stand up and lift yourself up on your toes. If the heels are not up in the air by at least half an inch, they are too high for your feet and will be uncomfortable to walk and handle.

Now makeĀ a few steps in them. If feel your feet wobble as you make the step, the fit of the heels is not ideal and they are too high for you. Opt for lower and chunkier heels until you get used to them some more. Take your time. We know you want to put on the best high heels possible immediately, but this can ruin your experience. Don’t rush it, build up your experience up to them and you will be much happier when the time finally comes to put on those daring killer heels.

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