How to choose the right boots this winter

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Winter is coming and it’s time for our favorite boots. There are a lot of types of boots, so how to choose the right ones for you? Here’s how.

The Cleveland Clinic has published a special guide with several tips on how to choose the right boots. This includes boots with high heels of which we are especially fond of.

There are so many types of boots – low booties, calf boots, knee high boots, thigh high boots. Then there are riding boots, flat boots, high heeled boots, leather, latex, suede… You name it, there’s a boot like that.

Naturally, boots with lower heels are the best. They give the best balance of the foot and can even lower the pain in some cases.

Most women though opt for medium to very high heels. In this case you should follow the usual tips when choosing high heels. First, make sure they are the right size.

Also, make sure the heels are balanced properly.

If you will wear them for long periods of time, opt for boots with rounder and wider toe box. It will be much more comfortable.

Also, make sure the boots give you enough room around your ankles. They should fit snugly around them, but they should also allow you to rotate your ankle with ease.

Finally, get several different pairs of boots, mostly with different heel heights. This way you will be able to vary the footwear throughout the week which will be much better for your muscles and feet.

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