How to choose the right high heels for the big date

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So, the big day is finally here! Tonight is the big date! This poses the question of what to wear? Every detail counts especially for the high heels!

At least that’s what most fashion magazines will say. In reality, it is not that scary, nor difficult to choose the right high heels for a big date. You only have to follow a few simple tips.

The first one is to know what message you want to send. Do you want your date to be challenged and see you more “business” like? Or do you want him to see you in a more formal view? Or perhaps your more funny side or in a completely different light? Your outfit and shoes will have a big part of sending your date a message about your intentions, goals and overall confidence.

While no real man would complain if you turn up looking as fabulous as possible and all glamorous, as it will make him feel special, you run the risk of overdressing. If you are going to the movies for example a little black dress and sky high heels would look a bit out of place and will tell him you want him tonight. If that’s what you want, great, but if you do want just a normal date, then a different outfit would be a better choice. You can still look sexy and glamorous, but also more in tune with the venue. For example a longer skirt to about the knees, relatively loose fitting, a stylish top and lower high heels, perhaps booties.

What is important to keep in mind when choosing the right high heels is to be yourself. Sure, you will want to impress your date, but don’t unnecessarily raise the bar. The first date is all about impressions. So, if you create an impression that you always look as fabulous as possible with the highest of heels and sexiest of outfits, then you may find it challenging as your relationship goes on. Instead, look your best, but by being yourself and save up the most fabulous outfits for the really special occasions with your partner.

So, if you generally don’t wear sky high heels, but want to look good for your date, simply choose your most favorite high heels that you have. They might be lower, they might be wedges. It doesn’t matter as long as they make you look and feel good. This will in turn make you look even better in the eyes of your date. If you put on the most amazing towering heels but can’t even walk or stand in them properly, then that’s just embarrassing. If you do love the most daring high heels, feel confident with them and can handle them, then sure, rock them and blow his mind away.

The same goes for boots. The general way of thought is that the higher the boots are, the more daring they are. The more confident you will feel as well. But, unless you are sure your date also likes properly high boots and can appreciate them without getting the wrong idea, then it is best to save them for a second or a third date and go for something more neutral for the first date.

Those are the two most vital rules about choosing the right high heels for a big date: consider the message you want to send along with the venue you will go to and always be yourself. First keep these tips in mind and only then start to figure out how to match your high heels to your outfits. We have you covered for that, including for boots with a dress. We also have tips for properly wearing thigh high boots or over the knee boots casually, or knee boots and even booties.

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