How to easily maintain your balance in high heels

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How to easily maintain your balance in high heelsSometimes it can be pretty hard to maintain your balance in high heels. Especially really high ones. There is actually an easy trick to help you out.

According to Times of India this should work for all types of high heels no matter how high are they. It is a simple trick that will require some practice at home, but then you will reap the benefits of it.

First put on a pair of high heels that you feel comfortable with. Take a few steps as you normally do. You probably will feel that your abs tense with each step. This is why you need to keep good postute. When on high heels, your entire body works in unison.

Most women tend to try to work their heels only with their feet and knees. This is wrong as it puts the pressure uneven and it leaves out the rest of the body which leads to quicker fatigue and pain in the feet. Plus it does make you unbalanced with requires more muscle effort.

So practice to keep the abs working. Learn to keep your belly in as if you are trying to keep it as close to the spine as possible. Well, within reason of course, you shouldn’t keep it so much in that it is difficult to walk or breathe. With practice you will find the best position for your belly to be.

When you feel like you are getting the hang of it, try the trick with a pair of high heels that are more difficult for you to handle. Take shorter and slower steps. This makes you look even better, plus it helps keep the balance.

Also remember not to bend your knees as you walk and walk heel-to-toe. This means to first put the heel on the ground then the toes as you normally do when not walking in high heels. Remember that practice makes perfect and soon you will be able to walk in all kinds of high heels and maintain your balance with ease.

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