How to ensure a pain free party night in high heels

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How to ensure a pain free party night in high heels
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Up for a night of partying? High heels are the footwear of choice but often end up in your hands because of the pain. Here’s how to have a pain free party night in high heels.

As Kim Hookem-Smith from Yahoo! Lifestyle points out, the trends from the catwalks for 2015 are all about high heels. Flats had their moment last year but naturally won’t last long as they both don’t look that good and aren’t much more comfortable.

Dr Tariq Khan, consultant podiatrist at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine has a few recommendations to women who plan to use the high heels trends for 2015 up to their fullest. We would like to add, that it will be much better for you to first start with lower high heels and gradually work your way up to the sky high killer heels you want to wear.

Khan says you should soak your feet in warm salty water for about 10 minutes before you go to bed. This will soothe the ligaments, tendons and muscles in your feet.

She also says that if your feet arches are flat or are experiencing discomfort you should wear an orthotic that will be of great help. There are lots of models out there, most are pretty discrete so they won’t be noticed.

Also don’t neglect the little pads for the toe box of the shoe. They will make it much more comfortable and reduce the risk of bunions.

Khan says it is a good idea to have a spare pair of comfortable shoes handy just in case. Trainers would be great.

Get yourself a foot massager to use at the desk or at home. Rolling your feet on a tennis ball can be a decent alternative.

Practice wearing your high heels looking directly in a mirror, says Khan. This will help you see the mistakes in your posture and stride and make it easier to correct them.

Khan also recommends walking barefoot in grass from time to time. It is believed that this reduces stress while also strengthens your feet.

In order to avoid blisters, you should wear shoes that fit your well. Also don’t neglect the help of anti-blister band-aids or sprays.

For corns, Khan says that gel cushions will be very helpful. They though are a short term treatment that will get you through the day or party, but in the end you should go to a podiatrist to treat them.

Following these simple tips you can ensure a pain free party night in high heels. Not only that, in the long term your feet will feel much better and will thank you for it with a great look.

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