How to fix scuffed high heels

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Your high heels look gramorous and beautiful… until they meet with the real world where they get scuffed up. Here’s how to fix scuffs and prevent them.

Most high heels, especially leather and patent ones, are like magnets for scuffs. You put a great effort to walk carefully and minimize the risk, but at the end of the day you almost always can find a new scuff on your stilettos.

First be sure to give the shoes a good clean. Then take a natural shoe brush and a damp cloth to ensure you have cleaned everything and will allow you to see any scuffs even the most tiny ones.

It may sound crazy, but most small and tiny scuffs can actually disappear just from the touch of your finger. The oil in your skin can be more than enough to help the scuff go away. All you need to do is gently rub your finger on the mark.

Sadly this won’t work for bigger and/or deeper scuffs.For them you will need a soft polishing cloth and shoe wax. apply the wax in small circles over the scuffs. Work the polish over the entire shoe until all of the scuffs are concealed. Leave┬áto dry for 15 minutes.

Finally, use the brush again to clean the excess wax off. Then polish the shoe with a cleaning cloth. When the surface shine is even all over the shoe you are done. The same works for leather boots, too.

There are also scuff-removing products on the market or home remedies with petroleum jelly, even toothpaste. If you do opt for these, first give them a try on a small, not so visible part of the shoe as they may have unexpected reaction with the leather or patent.

Some remedies claim you can also use nail polish. This is suitable for metallic or other brigthly colored shoes, as long as you can find a nail polish in the same color. To be honest, though, we wouldn’t recommend this one, as it has a lot to do with the type of material the shoe is made out of and also the place of the scuff. At the tip of the shoe it may work, but on the sides it could look bad.

Actually there is one home DIY tip that claims a few tiny drops of clear nail polish at the tip of the shoe will keep it from getting scuffed. As long as the shoe is also shiny enough, this could work… probably. Before you try it, be sure to have cleaned the shoe and wait the nail polish to dry overnight before you wear the shoes.

If all else fails, naturally it would be time to take the shoes to a professional cobbler who might be able to fix them. They can also completely replace the heel of the shoe if it is too damaged.

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