How to get used to high heels quickly

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How to get used to high heels quickly
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Sometimes it takes a while until your feet get used to the new high heels. How can we make this process faster and easier? You only need a few simple tips.

Bustle has a few tips that can help you out. Actually you probably know most of them, but you haven’t applied them with making your high heels more comfortable quickly in mind. This can be done relatively easy.

It all starts with the shopping. It is best to shop for high heels at the late afternoon or during the evening. The reason is that our feet swell up a little bit during the day. Thus if you try on a pair of high heels during the morning and it “just fits”, it will be quite painful at the end of the day. This is why you should try on new heels later on in the day.

Be sure to know your size. Measure your feet at least once or twice a year. If you are inbetween sizes, always pick the bigger size.

If the shoes are leather, you can loosen them up a bit by putting them on and heating them up with a hair dryer for a few minutes. Then walk around the house and heat them up again. Tho this a few times to loosen them up and mold them better around your feet.

Remember that quality matters. You want quality materials around your feet that will be both durable and comfortable. This doesn’t mean you should only buy designer high heels. Just don’t go for the cheapest. Actually some designer high heels are not really made for walking but more for showing off. Don’t be afraid to ask the seller for recommendations for high heels that are more than just eye candy but actually can be walked with for longer than from the car to the restaurant.

Think ahead. If you are set for a really long day and lots of walking, it is best to stay away from the really high heels. Unless you actually feel really good and comfortable in them. But for most women it is best to opt for lower heels for a long day ahead. And if you are going to be doing a lot of walking, then go for a pair with thicker soles that will make it easier to walk on cobbled roads and rough pavements.

For new shoes you can help yourself out by taking a bit of sand paper and scuff the soles. This will give you much more grip on slippery surfaces.

As you walk, learn to take shorter steps. Also walk heel to toe and get into a rythm that is not too fast. Lean back a bit and keep your belly in and shoulders up. You will not only look great, but the proper posture will make it much easier to walk in high heels. Also try to picture a straight line ahead of you and walk on it.

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