How to identify genuine Stuart Weitzman high heels

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How to identify genuine Stuart Weitzman high heels
Gisele Bundchen for Stuart Weitzman, Spring Summer 2015

Stuart Weitzman is one of the more popular makers of designer high heels. They are expensive which makes them a top target for fakes. So lets find out how to identify geniuine Stuart Weitzman high heels.

When you buy online you can ask the seller to use the youVerify app which will help you feel more confident in the product you are about to order. Or course there is always the possibility that the seller will change the items that will be sent out, so you have to know what to look for.

As with any top brand, Stuart Weitzman puts a great effort and lots of attention to the smaller details. It is those details that will help you out to idenfity genuine Stuart Weitzhman high heels.

It all starts from the box. A strong blue purple box with the ‘STUART WEITZMAN’ logo across the middle in silver is the choice of this brand. On the side of the box there should be a white label that lists information about the shoes inside. This includes the model, size, color and a barcode.

But even an original box can carry fake shoes, so the checks don’t end here. The high heels should come with a dust bag. The colors can vary, but the materials are always top notch and there is always a big Stuart Weitzman logo on the dust bag.

Now it is time to expect the actual shoes. The insole always features the Stuart Weitzman logo in capital letters. The colors can vary depending on the model of high heels. But the lettering is always capital.

The shoes also have a Style number which is printed on the inside of the shoe. It should match the number on the white label on box.

The soles of the high heels are mostly made out of leather. Stuart Weitzman puts that on display as the sole fetures the company logo, a Made in Spain sign and a leather sole sign. All written in capital letters and with near perfect finish.

Next, check the overall finish of the shoes. It goes without saying that all materials should be top notch quality. The stitching should also be straight and neat. There shoud not be rough edges or any problems in the materials and fabrics.

If you have doubts, don’t be afraid to ask the seller for clarification or your money back.

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