How to look fabulous during the winter

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How to look fabulous during the winterThe winter is slowly creeping towards the Northern Hemisphere and it is time to prepare our wardrobes for the season. Here’s how to look great this winter.

Usually winter is seen as a season where darker colors prevail. It is also a time for more conservative outfits that are more function than looks. This year though things are different.

This winter you will be able to experiment with shapes and colors. It is the prelude to the Spring and Summer 2016 where daring colors and fabrics will be all the rage. This winter is going to be somewhat in-between. Most Fashionistas would appreciate fashion experiments.

For example the long pleated skirts are in. They can be with fringe, with slits, fitted, loose, bold colored, dual colored and anything else you can think of is open for use. Neon colors are also preferred although as small detail pieces here and there, not as a dominant color of the outfit.

Brown, denim, copper, dark maroon, blazers, coats. These are also all fully in style and just right for Winter 2015. More loose and complicated scarfs are also in. Infinity scarfs are top of the list.

As expected, 60s and 70s high heels are also in style. Mod boots, platforms, thick heels are something designers were hoping to put on the map this year. While it is OK to wear them, it is also OK not to wear them. Instead ankle boots with thin heels and small platforms are a nice alternative. Classic knee-high and thigh-high boots are also a great option for the colder days and the days you want to attract more attention.

Try to balance the outfits color-wise. For example a neon colored top should go with black or cream flared pants and darker colored high heels or other shoes. Handbags are also a nice way to add that neon detailing without going overboard.

Remember, it is the season of experimenting, so, experiment and find the style the you love the most and suits you the most.

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