How to look good this coming fall

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How to look good this coming fallThe Fall 2015 season is fast approaching and it’s time to get prepared. It will feature a lot of different styles which will cover quite a lot of tastes.

The new season will be ideal for the ladies who love layering different styles and for those who prefer thicker fabrics like leather, fur and so on. The 60s and 70s style will also be on top of the charts. If that is too retro for you, you can always spice it up with something modern.

Thick soles for the shoes and fur accents on a leather coat or skirt would be a good combination. A wide, long vest with cropped pants and booties with low, chunky heels is another option, according to Harpers Bazaar.

Bold hardware is also an interesting and approved choice. For example a bag with a long chain strap. Mary Jane high heels with a short dress with sleeves is another great addition to such an outfit.

If you want to be both stylish and provocative, then opt for a mini skirt and a turtleneck. On top of them put a fitted short coat that covers the skirt, but just by very little so that most of your legs and thigh are still visible. Add high heeled ankle booties and a clutch bag and you’re good to go!

If you still want to attract attention, but not be too cold, then opt for an artic white furry jacket paired with a knee- or slightly above the knee-lenght flared skirt and low high heeled boots. Add a small shoulder strapped bag for extra style points.

Another option for a classic 60s look is a neck-tie blouse paired with suede mini skirt with buttons on the front and platform ankle strapped chunky high heels.

For a really glamourous effect, opt for a white tee and and elegant maxi skirt, even furry one. High heels and a suitable furry jacket are good additions.

For a more casual look, opt for a red turtle neck, A-line denim skirt, knee boots and a brown leather jacket.

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