How to maintain Christian Louboutin high heels

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How to maintain Christian Louboutin high heels
Image credit: Christian Louboutin

You have to carefully maintain Christian Louboutin high heels if you want to keep them in pristine condition for long periods of time. Happily this is relatively easy to do but it will require you to spend some time with them.

Actually this is not bad at all, as Christian Louboutin high heels are quite good looking things to be around, we think. But they are also quite expensive so proper care for Christian Louboutin high heels is vital.

Louboutin’s site gives a few basic tips on how to care for your glamorous heels. For example they say you should keep the leather clean and dry and you should store the heels away from heat and light.

You should also avoid rain, mud and moisture.

When storing the shoes for longer periods of time, you should use the Christian Loubouting dust bag, that comes with every pair of high heels.

Even more ways to maintain Christian Louboutin high heels

These tips are all fine, but in the real world sometimes you have extra needs. For example you may be tempted to use leather conditioner for the shoes. Before you do that it is best to consult a cobbler. Also take note of the type of leather used for your heels. Calf leather for example can use some conditoner and cream.

Patent leather on the other hand does not. It is best to keep patent leather in good contition with a drop of mineral oil and a clean cloth. There are also special sprays for patent leather that can do very well.

Some Christian Louboutin high heels use even more exotic patterns and materials. Their Python shoes for example would need special reptile skin conditioner.

Image credit: Christian Louboutin

Suede high heels can be maintained with a special suede shoe brush and a suede eraser. Another option is to use colored conditioning spray for suede.

When you do get your Christian Louboutins’ wet, don’t panic. Dry them of with a soft towel at first. Then place newspapers or other paper in them and leave them to dry at room temperature. Do not try to dry them near a heater or on sun light. This can damage the shoes.

Another so-called problem are the red soles of the shoes. They are iconic but they don’t stay red forever. As Christian Louboutin says, it is normal for the red finish on the soles to fade away with time as you walk.

You can go to a cobbler and have them fit sole protectors. Or you can do the trick rebecca Shepard has done in the video below using a screen protector for a tablet.

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