How to maintain high heels

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How to maintain high heels
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We are sure you have some high heels that you like more than others and you want to keep in perfect condition. Well, to be honest, all heels deserve proper care. So how to maintain high heels?

Well there are a lot of options. We’re sure you know most of them, but do you actually do them? In order to maintain high heels properly you need to follow the tips regularly and put in a little effort.

The results though will be more than worth it. You will have immaculate high heels that will look like brand new for a very long time.

Tips on how to maintain high heels

It all starts with keepin them clean. Give them a regular treatment with wet wipes to keep them spotless throughout the day.

It is also important to know your materials. Well, the materials the shoes are made from. For example treat your leather high heels with special leather conditioner for shoes. This will keep the leather soft and comfortable while also prevent cracks and tears. Be sure to choose a conditioner that is suitable for the color of the shoes.

But hold on for a moment before you start rubbing the conditioner in. First give your shoes a proper clean. Use a soft brush to remove all the dust and particles from them. Then clean them with a moist cloth.

Then treat them with the conditioner. You can also use a suitable shoe wax to give them a proper finish and shine.

This type of treatment is also great for leather boots.

To maintain high heels made out of fabric or velour you should rely moslty on soapy water and cloths. Of course leave them plenty of time to dry up.

It is also very important how you store your high heels. Don’t just throw them in the bottom of the wardrobe for the winter or the summer. Put them in linen dustbags and line them on the floor of the wardrobe or whereever you keep them. You can also put a small packet of silica gel to suck the moisture.

It is best to store the shoes at room temperature and away from direct sunlight. Also leave them some room to breathe.

Extra notes on how to maintain high heels

Expensive high heels usually are made entirely out of leather. Including the sole. The idea here is that they are rarely taken for a walk on the outside and their exposure to the outside elements is limited to the walk from the car to the club. Still, you can bring them to a shoe repair shop and ask them to add a rubber sole and a rubber heel cap. This will make the shoes more durable to the outside elements and will add some grip making walking in them easier.

Another way to maintain your high heels is extra care when you walk. It is easy to get carried away and scuff the toes or scratch the heels. Sometimes these issues can be repaired and covered with shoewax, proper shoe paint and etc. But they can easily be avoided alltogether if you walk properly in your heels.

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