How to make high heels fit better

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How to make high heels fit betterYour recently bought high heels just don’t feel right? You got them a bit too big just because you love them but they didn’t have your size at the store. How to make high heels fit better then?

Actually you may have bought a perfect pair of high heels tha you have worn  with no issues for a lot of time. Now you’ve maybe lost a bit of weight and your high heels fit is not quite right. Don’t hurry to throw them away.

Here’s how to make high heels fit better

Having a perfect fit on your heels is very important. If they don’t stay on your feet like they are a part of them, it will make it easier for them to slip off while you walk. It’s obvious that you don’t want that and can potentially injure you.

If you need a half a size reduction of your shoes, you can put the so-called tip toes at the toes of the shoe. They will give you a nice comfortable padding and will improve the fit. Other similar products are Killer Kushionz, Strappy Strips. They may be a bit expensive but are comfortable and you will be able to use them for lots of shoes. Having cushions at the toes will prevent the foot from sliding forward.

If the shoes in question are sling backs, there’s a possibility the sling keeps falling of your ankle. Strappy Strips or other adhesive stickers will do wonders.

Alternative options are also available and for cheaper. For example Dr. Scholl’s for Her Ball of Foot Cushions. They are placed under the balls of the feet and give some extra comfort.

If your foot keeps sliding in the shoe, then use some of Dr. Scholl’s Rub Relief Strips. PLace them where your foot is slipping and put the shoe on. Add a couple of extra layers if one doesn’t quite do it.

If you’re wearing boots that are too big, all of the above tips also apply. If you’re sure you will not be taking them off during the day, you can also put thicker socks on. They will keep you warmer in the cold weather and will be more comfortable and insure better fit.

Also don’t underestimate heel liners. These are foot cusions that are placed in the inner part of the heel counter or the part of the shoe at the back of the heel. Having a cushion there will make the high heels fit better and will prevent blisters.

Foot liners are another option. They are placed around the toes of your feet and cushion them from all sides. Thus they are only suitable for closed shoes and not open toes.

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