How to make sure your high heels fit properly

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How to make sure your high heels fit properly
If your toes slip out like this, then the fit is not good.

Everybody says your high heels have to fit properly. But how exactly do we know that is the case? The general though is if there’s no pain, it’s all good, but is it so?

You may not feel pain in your feet while you are wearing high heels, but that does not necessarily means that your shoes are fitting properly. For example you may not have enough or proper suppor of your foot arch. This does not always bring pain, but can bring some damage to your foot in the long term.

So it is best to know what your foot arch is. Take a piece if paper and place it on the ground. Dip your foot in water and then place it on the sheet of paper while sitting on a chair. Repeat the process with your other foot. Now take a look at the footprint and determine what kind of arch it is.

There are a total of three types of foot arches.

High arches: Those who have high arches should go for shoes with plenty of cushioning. Don’t buy shoes that have hard soles or thin soles. If you do have such shoes, look for foot cushions or orthopedic insoles.

Flat feet or low arches: People who have flat feet should go for shoes that are well supported and firm with less heels as their body tends to rotate towards the ball of your feet. Don’t go for shoes that have very high heels. Also spend some time training your feet with lower heel heights and do exercises.
The neutral arch: Those who fall in the in between category can go for most shoes. Just make sure that you are comfortable with a particular pair of shoes before buying it. Try it on in the store and walk around for a few mintues. You will instantly know if the shoe is right for you. It should feel like part of your foot, not an extention.
Also don’t buy the old tale that “with thime shoes will become a bit looser and will fit better”. If they don’t fit you great from the start, opt for another size or even another model.
Also avoid old and worn out shoes. Sure, they might feel great, but the worn out pieces will scuff your feet in time and the shoes themselves, especially high heels, can lose their balance which will require more effort to walk in them, which will make you tired sooner and easier.

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