How to master the catwalk in high heels

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How to master the catwalk in high heels
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As Marilyn Monroe has said, a woman can conquer the world if she has the right shoes, but if she can walk in them like a supermodel on the catwalk, too. It’s no secret, women love their high heels, but many have issues handling them properly.

We’ve covered the subject many times here on Usually it is a mix of several different mistakes that lead to issues with high heels. Usually the two most common mistakes are getting too high of heels too soon and then walking incorrectly ruining your posture. So, before you can master the catwalk in high heels, or being able to walk like a supermodel in your heels, first you have to start from the basics. Here are a few tips for beginners and then for how to be more graceful.

After you have done that, it is time for the master class. It should go without saying, but we will say it anyway. First and foremost, get yourself a pair of well fitting, comfortable high heels. Yes, there is such a thing if you make the right choices. You can also help a pair of heels be more comfortable with Sizers or cushions.

Next it is time to prepare yourself. Put on your favorite heels and get in the zone. Catwalking is all about confidence. It must ooze out of you with every step. That starts with your posture. The head has to be up, shoulders straight, belly slightly in. You must look both straight and strong, not rigid, but comfortable and confident. The right posture will affect your walk, too.

In order to get that confident look it is better to first start walking more slowly and confident, as opposed to the fast-nearly-rushing tempo on most supermodels on the catwalk. It’s better to be slower, but graceful ant confident, than fast and clumsy.

Limit the limb movements. Don’t wave your arms along while you walk. The trick to a successful catwalk in high heels is to walks as close to a normal walk as possible. This means smaller movements on your arms to balance, not too wide steps and placing the heel on the ground first and then the toes. Don’t bend your knees when you place your foot on the ground.

When you get the hang of it, try to keep the same walk but with your toes pointing forward as you make the steps. Then imagine a straight line in front of you. Start walking on that straight line by placing your feet on it with every step. This would mean you will put one foot slightly in front of the other.

As you gain experience and confidence you can start walking slightly faster, adding some extra punch to your steps and moving your hips more. But that won’t happen in a day or so. You would have to spend practicing for a few days in order to gain enough experience and for it to become a habit while you walk without you having to remind yourself of the tips. So don’t rush, take your time and practice, practice, practice. Before you know it you will be a master of the catwalk in high heels like a supermodel.

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