How to match high heels with outfits

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How to match high heels with outfitsHigh heels are beautiful by themselves but they (mostly) have to be worn with clothes. Matching them properly is important but some ladies see it as a challenge. Here’s how to match high heels with outfits and always look good.

When you match high heels with outfits there are a few things that you should take into consideration. What will you do for the better part of the day? Will you be out with friends or will you be working at the office? Or maybe you will have a few meetings? The type of outfit is the first thing you should decide on. Then, after you’re done with the outfit, you can choose the appropriate heels for it.

How to match high heels with outfits in 7 ways

There are many schools of thought how to match high heels with outfits. Fashion is an art and as such it doesn’t have a constant always active law that you should live by. But it does have its unwritten rules on what works and what doesn’t.

Let’s take the sandal high heels for example. They come in many shapes and designs. Some have ankle straps, others are almost classic pumps. The high variety and the reason they are one of the most popular high heels types makes them useable for the most wide choice of outfits.

If you have doubts on how to match high heels with outfits, choosing sandals is your safest bet. If you have a heavily printed outfit for example it is best to choose clean sandals with thin heels and thin straps, Vogue suggests. For casual outfits you can go with sandal heels that have some extra detail, prints and so on.

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Winter is coming for the Northen Hemisphere and many women will turn to their trusty boots. High heeled boots will always be a footwear of choice and we are happy about that. But boots also do have their own special ways to be properly matched.

Boots with chunky heels give out more causal and modest look. Boots with spikey heels are more provocative and ideal if you want to look sexy and confident. Classic black knee high boots with modest heels can go well for a day in the office as well.

Over-the-knee boots can go for a causal look if they are suede for example and sport a lower heel. If they are with a high stiletto, they can be brought down with looser outfits and layering. Black, leather or lack thigh high boots are the ultimate provocatrix footwear and require a great deal of confidence and a way with dealing with the added attention they will attract. We love them, but be careful with them.

Chunky heels

This year chunky heels are a sort of a main trend. They are a bit tricky to get right actually. They are best for casual outfits like jeans, thin loose dresses. They go well with jackets too. Don’t use chunky heels for tight outfits or official and office clothing.

According to Vogue the so-called mule shoes are a new popular type. They feature a covered front around the foot, usualy open toes and back. They are also suitable for casual outfits including pants.

Another way to match high heels with outfits is to choose classic pumps with pointed toes. Naturally they give off a more stylish and official look. That being said they will look perfect with a pair of slim blue jeans and a white shirt for example. They will look even better matched with a skirt and/or a trench. Dresses, gowns, coats, suits. You name it, pumps look good with it and are a great way to match high heels with outfits.

Platform heels

Platform heels are another popular choice. Many ladies like the extra height plus they feel a little more comfortable due to the lower angle of the feet. If the platforms are wedges, please stick with casual outfits. They should not be worn for office or official events. Platforms with actual heels can go with dresses, clubbing outfits, sexy outfits, pants, leggings and so on.

Finally a special note on wedges. Often they come in wild prints and colors. This makes them best for casual outfits. You can actually go with semi casual if you wear a long skirt and a fitted shirt or a dress. Shorter dresses and wedges go better for casual summer-beach-type outfits.

If you have any questions or more tips on how to match high heels with outfits let us know in the comments below.

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