How to pick the right high heels for the office

You are kicking off the New Year with a new job? Congrats! Or you are looking to improve your career? Everything matters, down to your high heels.

Choosing the right outfit and high heels for the office might be more important than you think. Of course, it matters what type of office you work at and the company culture.

Still, we will stick with the classic traditional office and corporate culture. Usually they feel restrictive and dressing up in bright colors and colorful high heels might send the wrong message.

It also might look a bit wrong, since the whole setting is a bit more formal. It also depends on what your job title is. If you meet with a lot of clients, then you should put the corporate first and look attractive, but stylish and not overly dressed. In short, keep it simple.

One way to ensure a great look is to opt for tailored clothes. It may be a bit more expensive at first, but they will help you achieve a classy and elegant look with much less effort. And they last longer and you can mix and match them with other looks.

Stick to simpler, darker colors. Of course, you can always experiment with something brighter and colorful, but if the occasion is suitable. Skirts and dresses should always be at least knee length and with no high slits. It’s OK if they are with high waist and flared, but classic fitted styles work best. Pants should be fitted, but not tight. Comfort and elegance is first.

Elegant office look

As for the high heels. The best style is closed toe pumps. They can be with medium or kitten heels. Avoid too high heels as they are more suitable for parties. Also avoid too chunky heels as they don’t have that sleek elegant look.

Lower, thinner heels work best. For the winter, opt for classic, elegant boots or booties. Avoid boots with details on them. Instead go for the sleek and clean look. The boots should be knee high. Thigh high boots, as great as they look, really aren’t for the corporate office, unless you keep them hidden under your pants or a long skirt.

Everything in your office outfit, but especially the shoes, should add to your look without drawing too much attention. It’s a tricky balance to pull off, but not impossible and the results are woth it.

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