How to prepare your boots for the fall season

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The summer is officially over and it is time for the fall season. Which is also when ladies turn to their trusty boots to be sexy, glamorous and warm.

We have said quite often here on that we love boots. So when we can finally set them free, we are quite happy, even if we are not really that fond of the colder weather and rain. But, that’s why boots make it more bearable.

After a long summer, it is time to bring the boots back. If you have stored them properly, you will have much less work that you need to do in order to get them ready. But no matter what, let’s check out how to prepare your boots for the fall season and make sure they look and feel great and will be a trusty companion through the rain and cold.

Start by taking your boots out of their box or the closet they have been stored and inspect them for any scuffs or other damage that you may have missed before or that may have happened during storage (it is possible, even if unlikely). Check the tips of the heels if they need changing? You can do that yourself or you can bring your boots to a cobbler.

Next, if you haven’t, give your boots a good clean. Then, depending on the fabric they are made out of, apply some proper conditioner. Give your boots a nice shine. You can use beeswax on the boots if you typically encounter rain, snow or muddy landscapes while wearing them. There are special sprays and conditioners that add waterproofing, too. It is best to check the labels on the boots or the box to see what can be used.

Now try on your boots. Some fabrics, like leather, can lose a bit of their shape over time, especially if stored. So try them on at home, to see if the fit is still good. Wear them for a few minutes to get a feel of what needs to be done. If the fit needs some work, here are some tips how to make your boots fit properly.

Your boots are now ready for walking. And that’s what they will do…


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