How to prevent high heels from slipping

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How to prevent high heels from slipping
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Some high heels have soles that are very easy to slip. They make walking on most surfaces a challenge. Happily you can easily tip the scales in your favor.

There are a few classic tips on how to prevent high heels from slipping. The most obvious one of course is to add an anti-slip pad. There are many of them, complete with various colors, shapes, sizes and even materials.

The pads are easy to stick on and all you need to do is first give the sole a good cleaning. Then dry it with a clean cloth. Next test fit the pad and after you are pleased with the placement, remove the protective back and stick the pad on the sole slowly and gently. Use the cloth to push out the air from the middle of the pad to the edges. Then repeat for the other shoe.

Don’t have such pads? Can’t even find them in the local stores? You can make some yourself. You need a thin piece of rubber. An old inner tube from a bycile tire will do great. Cut a round-ish piece that is a little bit smaller than the toe part of the sole (which, again, has to be perfectly clean). Then glue it into place and wait.

Don’t want to glue stuff to your heels? Then suff the soles a bit with some fine sandpaper. Again, first clean the sole real good. Next, take a fine grit sandpaper and rub it on the sole. Wipe with a cloth and test the shoe. Wear it on a flor that you know is slippery and check if there’s more grip now. You may have to repeat the sanding once or twice more depending on your preferences. Be careful not to rub the sandpaper too hard or too many times, as you might damage the sole. This is a solution that provides just a little extra grip.

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