How to prevent pain from high heels

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How to prevent pain from high heels
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Pain from high heels is troubling many women all over the world. Many women think this is the way thing are with heels and that’s that. But they are wrong. There are a few easy tips that will prevent pain from high heels and keep you comfortable.

We’ve covered some ways to relieve pain from high heels before. And no, we’re not the type that will say “well, just don’t wear heels for a long time then”, or “wear flats” (don’t, they are even worse for you).

Here are some easy tips to prevent pain from high heels

If you’re going to spend a lot of time in your heels, choose a pair that has some more space for your toes and fits nicely. This means it’s better to go for shoes with rounded toes. If you love pointed toes, then go for a size or a model that has a wider toe box. Having that little bit of extra room will allow your toes to move a bit which will help with blood circulation. So your toes won’t get squished by the shoe and will have some room to wiggle.

Don’t neglect the extra cushions for the ball of the foot. That little bit of extra softness will make all the difference. Plus it will absorb some of the pressure from walking on rough surfaces.

If you need that little bit extra height, go for platform heels. They will both make you higher and lower the angle of your feet.

Speaking of rough surfaces, choose your path carefully. Most high heels have thin soles so you will feel every step. Try to keep your stride and posture as good as possible. Walk in a rythm. When you do get to rougher surface, walk slower.

For winter it’s better to choose heels with rubber soles. They will have much more grip. They may look a bit thicker and rougher, but if they are on a high boot, you will be fine.

Also avoid the hills and slopes. Walking for too long with angled feet on a slope, especially if you’re climbing up, will put extra pressure on your feet and will exhaust them. It’s better to take the bus for a stop or two. Unless you’re fit. Very fit.

If you wear heels for years and years, your Achilles tendon might get shorter. At least that’s what a study in the Journal of Experimantal Biology from 2012 is saying. To balance that you can tap gently the toes of your feet while you sit. Do 50 reps three times a day and your feet will feel better.

Another way to prevent pain from high heels is to do some exercises. We’ve covered them here.

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