How to properly match color high heels with outfits

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How to properly match color high heels with outfitsMatching the proper color of your high heels to your outfit is very important. This can make or break an outfit. Luckily this thing can be very easy.

You’ve probably seen a lot of women that have a great outfit on complete with beautiful high heels but somehow something is not right.

Most often than not the reason for that is a bad match between the colors of the high heels and the rest of the outfit.

It’s the small rocks that turn the cart over afterall.

So how to properly match color high heels with outfits

You probably know that it is important to match the color of your purse to your high heels. Thats a good start. Some ladies though match their shirt too. That can work if you are wearing a black office suit. Then adding a little color to it with your heels, purse and shirt, can do the trick. Don’t go for too bright colors though. Stick to purple, dark red and other darker tones.

Black high heels are thought as universal. That’s almost true but not completely. They won’t really work with an all white outfit for example. Many ladies do that for contrast but it’s not really aesthetically pleasing.

Same for white shoes. If your outfit is going to be mainly in black or other very dark color, white high heels are a no-no.

Red high heels on the other hand are a great way to spice up casual outfits. A pair of black pants or a skirt can benefit greatly from shiny red heels. But don’t go with too much red though. You can carry a black purse for example. This way you avoid getting too much red and you also will focus the attention on you, not on the purse.

Yellow heels are good for blue, black and green outfits. The latter color though is more suitable for parties and clubs.

If you like to wear brighter outfits more often, like pink, white or green, then you can go for purple and silver high heels. Silver heels go well with pastel colors too.

Brown heels are good for… brown outfits, but also beige, orange and darker earth tones.

Tan or nude heels are good with denim, beige, blue, white.

Gray high heels are for darker colors, grey, red. They can go well with yellow and purple too, but it depends on the tone.

Gold high heels are good for more daring outfits. Green, red, brown or more provocative black or white outfits can do too.

Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Jesus Solana
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Jesus Solana
But what about patterns?

So far we have focused on single tone shoes. They are suitable for every outfit but maybe you want to wear heels with patterns. Funky pattern is good for plain outfits that need a little extra punch. They can go well with jeans too.

Try to avoid strict color matching. Meaning blue from head to toe for example. This can work for some specific outfits but not for everyday clothes.

Also try to keep multicolored heels for casual outfits and clubs, parties. For work and official meetings stick to single color heels.

Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Maegan
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Maegan
And how about boots?

The thing with boots is that they always draw a lot of attention to the wearer. Because they cover more area of the leg it is natural that they become somewhat of a focus point of the outfit.

That is, if you wear them visible. If you put on a long skirt or hide your boots beneath your trousers then the color matching is pretty much universal with the high heels described above.

But if you tuck the pants (or most likely jeans) into the boots, or wear a shorter skirt, then it is a different story. Most ladies go with black boots as you can’t really do wrong, even on a white outfit.

For formal events you can also wear red boots, providing the tone is not too bright. Brown boots can do well for the office while grey boots are better off for casual outfits. They can be used for a formal one too, but that depends on their color tone.

It is best to save brigher color boots for casual outfits and parties. Boots with shiny or glittering patterns, snake skin and so on are also best saved for more provocative outfits.

Well this is how to match color high heels to your outfits. These are not fashion laws, but merely tips that give good results. In the end you should stick to whatever you like and makes you feel good.

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