How to protect your high heels from the snow

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How to protect your high heels from the snow
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Snow can be the ultimate enemy to a pair of high heels or even some boots. Not only because it makes it harder to walk, but it can pretty much destroy them.

Snow can be a tricky thing to clean, especially when it gets dirty from the streets and cars. In some cities they use salt and/or chemicals to thaw it faster, which is another havoc on any pair of shoes. The process of proper cleaning is not difficult, but it will take a few minutes.

It is worth it, though as you will preserve your precious high heels for much longer and they will look awesome for much longer. Start by removing as much of the snow as soon as possible. Make a few harder steps with your heels as you get away from the snow right before entering the house or the office.

If your heels have leather or other more durable material, then take a couple of baby wipes and remove the rest of the snow. This is a good on-the-go fix that can keep your hot boots shiny throughout the day.

It doesn’t however remove the need for extra care from time to time. When the shoes are very dirty, it is time to mix a cup of cold water and a tablespoon of white vinegar, says Bustle. Wipe the solution over the heels to clean them. A nifty alternative is a light soap mixed with water, but be sure it is not a soap that dries the skin or it can damage the leather.

For heels with rubber on them, a good way to clean the snow and salt is to wipe them with a cloth damped in some vinegar. It will also give a nice shine to the rubber.

After your heels are now spotless and completely dry, you may want to give them some extra protection. There are special sprays that keep moisture and even snow salt away from the shoes. Yes, they can’t get all of the stuff away, but they can minimize the damage quite a lot and make the cleaning even easier. It is a good option to consider if you want your high heels to be as glamorous as possible and as long as possible.

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