How to recover your feet from painful high heels

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How to recover your feet from painful high heelsAs all women know, high heels can be very painful. There are many reasons for that, but happily – many ways to recover your feet as well.

We’ve already looked at quite a few ways to minimize pain from high heels. They have to do with the fit, the way you walk and some extra accessories. But sometimes even they are not enough.

Or you just chose a pair in a rush to get ready and decided to live with the consequences. No matter what the reasons, if your feet are in pain from high heels, you should take some extra steps after you take the shoes off to make sure your feet recover well. Happily, the tips are easy, as Bustle reports.

First things first. After you get home and take your shoes off, take a warm shower. Afterwards you can soak your feet in hot water mixed with epsom salt for about 15 minutes. Then complete the procedure by massaging your feet. You can also use skin moisturizer.

When the morning comes, you should feel your feet in much better condition and shape. Spend a few minutes for a simple morning exercise. Do lunges, basic stretches to get your muscles ready.

From time to time you can also file your nails. Keep your toe nails short and maintained as otherwise you will cut into your shoes, scuff them and bring you other issues. You will be much more comfortable when you have more room in the shoes.

Also don’t neglect the blisters. Clean them with antibacterial soap, swipe Neosporin and cover them with a band aid.

If your feet were hurting too much and if it is possible, skip wearing high heels for the day after. Instead wear trainers, sneakers or at the very least shoes with low blocky heels, but not flats.

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