How to rock the smart-casual style with high heels

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How to rock the smart-casual style with high heels
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The smart-casual style is gaining popularity as it’s simple, comfortable and looks good. Can you also add a pair of high heels to glam it up? Of course.

You just have to be… smart about the type of high heels you will choose for your smart-casual style outfit. This type of style seems simple, yet it’s a bit tricky.

That is if you want to look dashing and ideal for the office and not just like you’re out and about on a day off. It’s possible and all you have to do is to turn to the classics – blazers, jeans (not ripped, of course) and so on.

One of the easiest smart-casual style outfits if a fitted blazer in a darker color, a T-shirt and well fitted, crisp jeans – not skin tight jeans, but also not baggy jeans.

You can then match this look with ballet flats or kitten high heels. If you want to add an extra flare to you look, you can also go for a pair of classic high heel pumps. Still, avoid way too high heels and way too daring heels. For example, no platform heels, although you can go for a casual style pair of wedge shoes.

The goal of the smart-casual style is that you are comfortable, business-like, but also not strictly corporate and not daring. Basically it’s all about finding that in-between zone of styles and mixing them all into one.

Other examples of outfits is using high-waisted pants, pointed toe high heels and again – a blazed. In fact, the blazer is one of the main staples of this style so you should look for ways to add on to it with the rest of the outfit. A good blazed can smarten up almost any look.

Still, avoid too revealing styles like deep necklines or way too short skirt. If you want a skirt, opt for a classic knee-length and again – not too tight, but not too loose. The goal is to look smart and stylish and also be comfortable.

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