How to run in high heels

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How to run in high heels
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There are times that you just have to run in high heels. This can be tricky and risky, but with a few tips from a professional it can be a lot safer.

Luckily we have those few tips on how to run in high heels. They come from Sarah Toner who is a professional dancer and high heels expert. She loves to wear high heels all the time and has had to run in them on more than one occasion. Here is what she recommends when it comes to

How to run in high heels

It all starts with your eyeline. Don’t be looking at the ground right in front of you. This will make your head go down which will push your stomach back and make your back slouch. As a result your posture will be ruined and you won’t be properly balanced.

Keep your neck and shoulders up. Your stomach should be a little tensed up, not fully relaxed. The same goes for the butt too.

Then comes the actual running. Don’t run with your legs spreading outwards. Also don’t try to run like a princess from a fairytale with crossing one foot in front of the other.

Instead, Sarah says, imagine you have to keep an orange between the top of your thighs. Also imagine you are wearing even higher shoes that you are. About an inch or so higher. This gives you better control.

Also when you run, try to be as light on your feet as possible. Don’t run full force, but try to have gentle stride. Step on your toes first and then place the heel on the ground. If you can, try to avoid placing the heel on the ground at all and run just on your toes.

For better balance you should shift your bodyweight slightly forward. Keep your steps short, especially if you are wearing a skirt or a dress with your high heels.

Don’t run in sandals or high heels that don’t have a nice fit to your feet as this will increase the risk of the shoe slipping off and tripping you over. Heels with ankle straps and boots will be more easy to run with.

When you do start to run, try to gradually increase the tempo which will give you and your body a few seconds to get used to running in high heels and will make it easier to control. If you have the space, do a few practice runs working your way up the high heels height in order to get used to it.

Also, never ever run in high heels on snow or polished surfaces. This would just be a recipe for disaster.

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