How to sell high heels

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How to sell high heels
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The time has come to clean out your closet. You find lots of high heels that you don’t need or forgot you have. Lets see how to sell high heels.

The first thing that comes to mind usually is a garage sale or just giving the shoes to a friend. Both good solutions. But in these days who has time for garage sales. Plus a pair of designer high heels don’t really belong on such a sale. On the other hand your friend might not like the shoes or they might not fit.

So here come the other options. Well it’s just one but with a few branches – the Internet. You can sell high heels on the internet with ease. The easiest way to do it is on eBay or Craigslist. Another option is to find fashion-oriented forums with a classifieds section. This will cater the shoes to a more specific audience.

Whatever the case, there are some simple rules to follow to ensure that both you and your buyer will be satisfied.

How to sell high heels

First up, take the shoes and give them a nice clean. Inspect them for any wear and tears and note them. Then make a few measurements of each shoe and write them down. measure the height of the heel, the height of the platform (if any), the length of the inner sole, the width. If you are selling boots, then also measure the width of the boot shaft at the top and and the ankles. Also measure the total boot shaft from the back of the heel going up.

Then take a few photos of the high heels. It is best to have a few photos showing the shoes from all sides and one ot two pictures that show them being worn (if they are not brand new that is). This will give potential buyers a great idea of the pair. Take a pic of the logo too.

Next set up the ad and put in the detailed description. Add the size, note the fabric that the shoes are made of, the maker. Also describe any scuffs or issues with the pair, as you don’t want the buyer to file a complaint afterwards for false description. Sometimes the picture don’t show the true color of the shoes, so be sure to note that too.

Don’t neglect to mention if the high heels you are selling come with extra tips for replacement, special bag to keep them in and so on. These extra accessories show that you’ve maintained the shoes well and add to the price, especially when we are talking about designer high heels.

If you are selling boots, then don’t forget to both write down what is the type of the boot, whether it is with a zipper or it is a sock type. Whether the zipper has issues or if there are any issues with the fabric. If the boots and high heels are perfectly fine, say it and prove it with pictures.

Also be ready to answer the potential buyers within the same day of them sending you their questions. Be on hand for extra photos, too.

Finally, the packaging for shipping. If you have kept the original box, great. Simply put them in the box, protect the shoes with some paper and then put the whole thing in a bigger box with pellets or air bags for extra protection.

If you don’t have the original box, get one that is of appropriate size. Wrap the shoes in soft paper or clean cloth to prevent them from rubbing against the box during transit. Then follow the above steps.

That’s all there is to it. If you do want to sell high heels then just be patient. Sometimes it might take a while to find a buyer. Also don’t expect to get rich from this. It is merely a nice way to get some extra cash and free up some space at home.

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