How to soothe sore feet

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How to soothe sore feetHad a long day on high heels and now your feet are sore? You should take a few minutes to take care of your sore feet. Here are a few easy tips for you.

It is important to take care of your feet all the time. But if you have sore feet after a long day, then you should take a few extra measures. This way you will minimize the risk ot long term damage to your feet.

Start with taking a nice warm shower. Gently massage your feet but not for long as you want to simply wash off and get to resting.

After the shower do a proper massage on your feet. Use your thumb on the bottom on the foot and rub it. You can also roll a tennis or a golf ball beneath your foot. Start at the base of the big toe and massage down through the inner arch, working back up along the little toe side of the foot. Repeat a few times until your foot feels looser. You can also use your hands for that.

Another simple tip to soothe sore feet is toe stretches. Slip the fingers of your opposite hand in between the toes of your foot and gently prise them apart. Hold for 30 seconds then gently pull your toes downward so you feel a gentle stretch thorugh the toes and the top of the foot. Hold for a few seconds and repeat a couple of times.

Having really sore feet to the point they are swollen? Put your feet in almost ice cold water. This will reduce the inflammation. If the swelling is not that big, use warm water instead. It will improve the blood flow in your feet and reduce the swelling.

Also, if your feet are very sore from your high heels, then opt for a day or two in sneakers. If your job doesn’t allow you to wear sport shoes, then opt for shoes with very lof and flat heels. Don’t go for completely flat shoes as they aren’t much good for your feet either, especially when they have thin soles. A pair of shoes with an inch or so flat heel would be ideal, especially if it has comfortable insoles.

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