How to stand pain-free in high heels

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How to stand pain-free in high heels

4 Responses

  1. […] are also a few other high heel hacks that you might like. Check them […]

  2. […] go for it. If you don’t feel yourself in high heels or the pain is unbearable, by all means, seek either pain reliefs or alternative footwear. Whatever you like, it is your comfort at first place. […]

  3. […] You can be rest assured that all celebrities take good care of their feet. You should too. Celebrities also spend a lot of time training to properly wear high heels until it is like a second nature. This is helping them look good but also keep their feet and posture in shape. […]

  4. […] Of course this might not work all that well for you. The reason for that is some of your muscles might be stronger than others. So you may feel better by shifting your body weight equally on both feet (although usually most women don’t do that). There are other ways too. […]