How to stand pain-free in high heels

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How to stand pain-free in high heels
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Sometimes even standing still in high heels can be painful and uncomfortable. Most often the reason for that is weak muscles in your feet.

Yoga expert Yamuna Zake says in front of Vogue this can and should be changed. Being comfortable in high heels is vital not only for you to feel good and confident but also for your long term health.

Zake notes that in the US a lot of girls can’t walk or even stand properly in their high heels which makes them unsexy and ruins their feet. Experiencing pain makes you stand even worse thus furthering the problem. It seems like a vicious circle, but there is a way out.

Zake hits the nail right on the head: “It’s not the shoes that are bad for you—it’s how you’re walking in the shoes that is bad for you”.

All you have to do is build up the outer part of your foot. This will inturn make your arch stronger which will make standing and walking in high heels much more comfortable.

Too achieve that you need to do regular exercises on your feet. You can do some of the popular ones, but also a few special ones. Zake has developed a workout that includes a series of rolling exercises. They will take you about five minutes every day after you go some and you take your shoes off.

“It’s about creating balance with your foot and leg, so it doesn’t get stuck. Shoes cut off your circulation, your feet are locked up, the muscles never stretch, the bones start to calcify,” Zake says. “Don’t tie off your feet from the rest of your musculature: Work everything out together.”

The goal here is to learn to balance your body weight on different parts of the foot. Mainly the outerside edge, the base of the toes, the heel and the ball of the foot. You must shift the weight and pressure slowly along the muscles.

Zake also has a special plastic contraption called Foot Wakers. It is not mandatory for the exercises but it can make them even more effective quicker.

An alternative way is to use a tennis ball for rolling exercises on your feet. This will help the circulation and you can even to this at your desk in the office for added effect.

Remember, in order to achieve and hold the effects of the exercises you must do them regularly. Zake also says that if you will have to stand for a long time on your high heels it is best shift your body weight to the outside edge of your feet, especially when you have trained it well.

The same goes for walking. It is easier to place your weight on the big toe but actually try and place it on the outside edge. And as always, keep your posture straight, shoulders up, belly in. This will help you seel even better, and will help you walk gracefully.

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