How to stay fit and don’t squeeze yourself out of your high heels

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How to stay fit and don't squeeze yourself out of your high heels
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Staying fit, losing weight and dieting are amongst the top concerns of many women. It can be easy if you know and follow a few simple tips like these.

All of a sudden your favorite skirts and dresses are too tight and your high heels are squeezing your feet. This is the nightmare scenario that women around the world fear and sometimes experience despite their best efforts to follow diets. As most fitness gurus would say, the hard part is not losing weight, but maintaining it and not gaining it.

But actually it can be simpler and easier than originally expected. All you need to know are a few tips and you might save yourself a lot of headaches and worries. Actually, you will as one of the tips is tied to that. But now let’s begin with the most simple one, that is very powerful.

Drink water

Yes, simply drink more water and less coffee, soda or whatever. Your body needs at least 1.5 liters of water per day to function properly. A lot of this water goes into the processing of food and helps your body get more out of the food and use it better.

Eat more to eat less

Confused? How many times you eat every day? Three? Two? You should eat five times a day. The key is to eat often and little and not rarely and a lot as many people do. Ideally you should spread out your daily food intake on five meals.

Maintain schedule

With that said, try to maintain a schedule to your meals. Choose ties that are most good for you and you feel better. It may take some trial and error until you find the times that work best for you. Then stick to those times.

Eat right

Then comes the point of eating right. There are a lot of schools of thought about what eating right means. At best it would be for you to consult with a specialist that can help you pick a menu that suits your body needs the best. But until then you should know that it’s not that much what you eat, but how much you eat. So, having the occasional piece of cake, eating some chips for example is fine and actually is good for you as it lowers your cravings.

Minimize stress

Finally, maybe the most difficult tip to follow. Lower the stress. The big stress puts your body in “panic” mode and it begins to conserve fat. If you try not to worry too much over things it will be better not only for you psychic, but for your body as well as it will be able to process food better.

All of this will make it much easier to maintain your weight and feel confident in your favorite outfits and high heels. It won’t be as easy as in the TV commercials, but it is doable and the results are worth it.

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