How to store boots

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How to store boots
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Boots require some extra attention and care. If you want to store boots properly you can follow some easy tips which will ensure they will be fine for years to come.

If you have lots of boots you will need some extra room for proper storage. There are several ways in which you can store boots and keep them organized and well maintained. But before you even put them away you will have to do some preparations.

How easily to store boots

The process is the same for all types of boots. First give them a real good cleaning. If you leave dirt on them it can ruin the material so take your time. If we’re talking about leather boots, give them a nice polish with a leather conditioner.

Now organize your boots and booties. You can go by style, material, lenght or simply sort them by how much you like them. This will also give you an idea if there are some pairs you don’t need anymore.

Usually it’s best to keep booties in their boxes but that takes too much space. So you can instead place them on the floor of the wardrobe or closet. Don’t just throw them in there. Place them properly as if you’re standing on them. Also leave them some breathing room.

Now the boots. The longer the boots, the bigger challenge is to store them. Actually the best way is to hang them. There are several ways to do it. You can get yourself the so-called Boot holder which is a plastic clip that holds a pair of boots together and makes them stand upright. Ideally done when you will keep the boots on the floor. Or you can simply put an old magazine in each one and safe yourself the money for a boot holder.

There are also several types of Boot Hangers. They give the boot a form like it’s being worn and usually have a hook for the clothes rail.

For really long boots, like thigh highs, you can use clothes hangers with clips for trousers or skirts. Simpy clip the boots and hang them. If they are of a delicate material, you can put some foam padding between them and the clips to keep them safe. You can use this trick for any types of boots of course.

An alternative way to store boots by hanging them is to use a money clip. Simply clip the boots together, then run the hook of a clothes hanger thorugh the clip and voila. Since the clip is quite sturdy though it is best to use it on really tough materials or have some extra padding between the boots.

For short boots, you can use a Boot Rack. It’s similar to a hat rack, only it has longer rods on which to slide the boots on.

Some stores actually offer specialy made boot racks. They can be metal or wooden and come in various styles. They though are a better choice for a place to keep the boots that you will be wearing most often.

Some boots come with a packet of silica gel or other type of material to absorb the moisture. If you plan on storing the boots for a longer time, be sure to place such packs close and around the boots. Also be sure they are out of the reach of children and pets, just to be safe. You can make alternative packets with baking soda and/or rice, too.

So there you have it. A few easy ways to store boots. We hope you find them useful and if you have other tips or questions, let us know in the comments below.

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