How to survive Christmas sales

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How to survive Christmas sales
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With Christmas sales everywhere, there are some great deals on high heels. But that doesn’t mean you have to get them all and bring suffering to your wallet. A few simple tips can help you survive Christmas sales.

We know how you feel. You go to the store to check out the prices or because you knew there was a nice deal on a pair of killer heels you wanted all year. In the store you see other deals that attract your attention. Before you know it you now want at least three or four pairs.

You know you should not buy all of them, but you want to. And you feel you are going to do just that. But before you do, try to remind yourself of a few things.

Top tips on how to survive Christmas sales and go home happy

You would think that a good shopping trip is when you have snagged all the great deals. Actually that is a good trip for the shops but not for you. After all the shops do these sales so that they can sell as much of their inventory as they can. The more stuff they sell, even at lower prices, the more money they make… from you.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you should not take advantage of nice deals. But before you make the purchase think about whether you actually need these shoes. Will you wear them a lot or only for the occasional party (which really means “never”)?

Are you buying the shoes because they are currently trendy and in style or because you really like them? If your answer is not the latter, then you can easily skip on the deal. If they are on sale, they are slowly going out of style.

You want to buy a pair of sky high heels even though you know you can’t really walk in them? You hope you will learn to walk properly in really high heels later on and make use of your purchase? It would be better to save the money and buy such shoes when you are good and ready.

When going shopping, try to not get involved in the frenzy. You are not obligated to buy something just because it is 40% off. Only buy what you really, really like and want. This will mean that you will go home with maybe just a pair or two. But you will be happ that you got exactly what you wanted and by being smart and not going on a buying spree you did what a sale is meant to do – saved some money.

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