How to use high heels for self-defense

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How to use high heels for self-defense

The new Soteria Method of self-defense teaches women how to use their high heels to their advantage in the case they are attacked. Celebrities are also interested, as well as businesswomen, corporate execs and many others, CBS reports.

Statistics show that every nine seconds a woman is attacked in the US. Creator of the Soteria Method is Avital Zeisler. She is also amongst the victims and has decided to help out others.

Soteria is the goddess of safety, Zeisler says, hence the perfect choice for a name of the course. Stilettos, platforms and pumps are effective self-defense weapons if you know how to use them, Zeisler adds. You can grab the body of the shoe and use the heel for striking.

There are three important things to remember if you are attacked, she adds. First, if you can put your back to a surface, do it, so no one can come up from behind.

Next, you have to try and stay calm and focused on the attack. In such events you may start to think about how to gather attention, look for help or simply try to remember how you’ve reacted in similar situations before, Zeisler says. Try to keep your focus on the attacker.

Finally, remember that your goal is to stun them for a bit so that you can run away. There are various techniques that you can use. From hitting the attacker with the heel, to kicking him. Naturally, being able to run in high heels is also of benefit.

Here is the news report in which you can see a little glimpse of the Soteria method that will teach you how to use high heels for self-defense.

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