How to walk down stairs in high heels

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Walking down stairs is one of the biggest challenges for many lovers of high heels. The higher the heels, the more difficult it is. But a few tips can help you.

If you are new to high heels first you should ease yourself into the world of heels. Start with lower heigths and go heigher as you get used to handling the heels. Then start mastering them.

The same principle goes for learning how to walk down stairs in high heels. Practice makes perfect and it will be easier to master if you start with lower heels first.

First rule is to remember your posture. Head high, shoulders up, belly in. Walk relatively slowly and full with confidence. This stays true for walking down stairs as well.

Most stairs have railings along them. It is best to always have one hand on the railings while you walk down stairs. This will make it much easier to keep your balance, especially in those sky high killer heels of yours. It will also make you look much more graceful.

If there isn’t any railing simply walk down the stairs slowly and carefully. If the stairs are slippery, it is best to ask someone to help you out by giving you a hand. There is nothing wrong with that and actually you can make somebody’s day that little bit more special.

While you walk down stairs in high heels, always watch your step. Look down at where you will place each foot.

Put the entire foot on the step before you shift your weight on it. First place the heel, then the toes. If the stairs are narrow, then go down by placing your feet at an angle. If you wear a tight skirt, then put both feet on each step as you walk down the stairs. For looser-fitting outfits and when you do feel more confident, you can one-step.

This is how to walk down stairs in high heels. It may seem a bit difficult at first, but practice and take your time and you will get the hang of it quickly.

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