How to walk gracefully in high heels

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Walk gracefully in high heelsYou probably know that how you walk in high heels has a great effect on your look. So it’s essential to learn to walk gracefully in high heels. But how to do that? Easy, read on to get you started.

Also, this is our second part of our tutorial series on how to walk in high heels. The first part covers the basics for beginners. Head on there if you’re just getting started in the world of high heels. But if you’re already in heels and want to make your stride better, you’ve come to the right page.

Walk gracefully in high heels

The most important part in getting this right is the posture. Stand up straight on your heels. Don’t slouch when you walk.

Also find a rythm and follow it. Rythm is essential in order to walk gracefully in high heels. Get your whole body in tone with that rythm. This means moving your hands and hips too. You need your body to give out a confident look. But don’t be ridgit. Try to be relaxed and comfortable on your high heels. You can have a slight bend in your knees, but not too much.

Next step. Always, and we do mean always, make sure your heel is straight behind the toes which should be facing forwad. Forgive us for the crude way, but your feet should be like this | | and not like this \ / when you walk in high heels.

Now for the actual walk. Always let the heel touch the floor first. Put on some of your weight on it to prevent it from wiggling. Then place your toes on the floor. When doing this aim and place your weight on the ball of the foot not the toes.

Start walking slowly first to get used to this and get your rythm. Remember it’s always better to walk slowly but gracefully instead of fast and clumsy.

As you get more and more comfortable, you can start adding some attitude in your walk. Start placing one foot in front of the other for example. Then start moving your hips too. Slowly but surely you will see that you start to walk gracefully in high heels. And you will feel much more comfortable on them.

Remember to keep your posture straight and your body loose. In the end aim for the idea that you should look like your shoes are a part of your body, not like you’ve put on some high shoes and are figuring out what do to on them.

And last, but certainly not least, practice a lot. This is the best way to walk gracefully in high heels without issue. Also stay tuned for our next parts.

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