How to walk in heelless shoes

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How to walk in heelless shoes
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Heelless shoes were made popular mainly by Lady Gaga. They are crazy and daring and look like a real challenge to walk in. Actually it’s not THAT difficult when you get the hang of it.

But it still may require some training. And in any way some extra advice will be of help when taking your first steps in heelless shoes.

The most important is not to rush it. It’s pretty easy to fall on your face when wearing these shoes, so take your time.

How to walk in heelless shoes

Heelless heels usually share the same concept. They are a classic platform heel with the heel taken off. The shape of the platform can varry from shoe to shoe. The angle of the shoe from the toes back to the heel can also vary and it can be more flat or higher. Usually higher is more popular, but you will need some previous experience in walking in really high high heels.

It takes some getting used to when walking in heelless heels. They require the wearer to shift their body weight to the front of the foot – on the ball of the foot. This can make getting out of a car for example a bit of a challenge without someone helping you out.

When walking be sure to make narrower/shorter steps. Don’t go for long strides as it will be easy to lose your balance. You don’t have a heel to step on so it’s almost like walking on your toes.

Always remember to keep your posture straight, belly in, shoulders up and relaxed. You need greater engagement of the belly and hips.

The most important thing when walking in heelless shoes is not to rush it. Walk slower, take your time. These shoes are usually not meant for walking and are more for special events that won’t require too much steps. Also remember the proper way to walk in high shoes – toes must point forward and put one foot in front of the other.

There are also heelless shoes that have been made a little easier to walk in. They have a little extra weight in their platforms making it easier to place the foot on the ground. Some even have tapered platform at the front making it easier to sway the foot forward as you take a step.

Sadly not all heelless heels have these features so don’t fully rely on them. As always its best first to practice walking in them for a while at home. When you feel a little bit more comfortable in the shoes and more confident, you can take them out for the world to see.

Also, here’s a great video that will give you some visual idea how to walk in heelless shoes.

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