How to walk in high heels for beginners

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How to walk in high heels for beginners
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Being able to walk in high heels can be quite challenging. A lot of women love the look of heels but don’t wear them because they (think that they) can’t. Actually anybody can but it requires some effort and practice in order to do it properly.

We’ve all seen gorgeous women on the street that have their entire otherwise perfect outfit and look ruined because they can’t actually walk in the sky high heels they have chosen. We at GlamorousHeels want to help you out with this one. So we are starting a series of articles and tutorials about how to walk in high heels and we’re hoping that in the end you will be able to walk in high heels like a model.

This is the first part of the guide. It is dedicated to the beginners. Slowly but surely we will add the rest of the parts to complete the tutorial and we will link them here. For now, here we go.

How to walk in high heels for beginners

These are the basics that will serve you for all of the rest of the tutorials. Lets assume that you’ve never put on a pair of high heels before, but you are determined to learn to walk in such footwear. The most important thing is to take your time. Do not rush and jump straight on the glamorous 5-inch heels that you’ve always wanted.

Sure you may be able to put them on and immediately feel like you were born on heels and have no issues at all. Chances are though that you will have problems. So instead take your time get used to walk in high heels and build up towards the desired heel height.

Before you do start to walk in high heels though, start with your own posture. Make sure your body is relaxed and your arms are loose and at your sides since they will help you balance as you walk. The main goal here is to be standing up straight, your head high and the toes of your feet facing forward. That last bit is essential for getting the look you want otherwise you will look like going through mud all the time.

Next step is to get comfortable shoes. Go with the kitten heels as a start as they are the lowest and most easy to walk on/in/with heeled shoes.

Next up is to get your feet properly measured so that you know your size. Also keep in mind that feet are flesh and bones and they tend to change with time so you won’t be the exact same size all your life. Size your feet at least once a year to keep track of what shoes you must be looking for.

Right, now you have your new pair of high heels all ready for you to wear. It’s a good idea to start breaking the shoes in for a while at home before going out. Actually, when this is your first time to walk in high heels, you should be wearing them only at home.

Start with putting them on and looking at yourself standing in front of a full length mirror. You look good, don’t you? Nice work. Now start to get a “feel” of the heels by moving your ankles left and right. You will feel what is like to be on heels.

When making your first steps do them on a hard surface like wood or thin carpet. Remember to always walk slowly. The grace and confident look are in the slow to moderate pace of the walk. Don’t rush as this will ruin your stride, make you uncomfortable and will ultimately make you look weird while you walk.

Golden rule when you walk in high heels: Always step heel-toe. Never-ever step with the toes first or with the entire sole of the shoe. This will make you walk with bent knees and will absolutely ruin your look. And in the long run it’s not good for your posture. Make it a habit to first put the heel on the ground firmly and then place the toes, just as you would do if walking bare feet.

Make a few steps in the room. At first you may feel your feet wobble when you step. This happens when you put all of your weight on the heels while you walk. Try to spread some weight onto the toes too to make your feet more stable.

Good. Don’t rush it. Take a break. After a while do another tour around the house in your heels. Start walking on different surfaces. Then take another break and so on. Do this until you start to feel comfortable and even almost natural while walking in high heels. Remember practice makes perfect.

Having problems with your shoes?

The fit is loose? There are paddings for the inside of the shoes that will take care of that.

If you feel the soles are too slippery, you can solve this by getting some sole grippers from the shoe store.

The shoes are great but a bit uncomfortable even after breaking in? You can add gel insoles for extra comfort. Or you can go for metatarsal or ball of the foot pads that add extra support to the area before the towes.

These are the basics in how to walk in high heels for beginners. Next up will be how to walk gracefully in heels.

Having any questions or tips? Use the comments below to get them to our attention.

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