How to walk in high heels through obstacles

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How to walk in high heels through obstacles
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Walking in high heels often has it’s bad sides. For example walking on uneven surfaces, managing stairs and so on. These types of, lets say obstacles, are no problem in normal shoes, but can be when wearing high heels. So how to walk in high heels through obstacles?

The answer to that depends on the type of obstacle. We’ve gathered our best tips and we hope they will help you out in mastering your heels and walking through any obstacle in confidence.

Before that though, check out our previous articles about how to walk in heels for beginners and some more advanced tips.

How to walk in high heels through obstacles

First things first. Remember your posture. It is very important to keep a straight up stance, shoulders up and belly in. You can also train your abdominal because that will not only make your figure better but it will give you extra strenght to the body and make walking in challenging heels and situations easier.

Now for the first everyday obstacle – stairs. It may seem strange, but climbing stairs up and down in heels can be a bit difficult if you want to maintain your sexy look. While climbing stairs, put your weight on the ball of your foot. Leave the actual heel hanging in the air. Don’t place the entire foot with the heel on the step as this will make it much more difficult for you.

While walking down the stairs, try to maintain your normal stride. Always place the entire foot flat on the step before putting your weight on it. Don’t step down sideways as it is more risky to lose your balance and it doesn’t look good. Also use the handrail if available for extra support and gracefulness.

Wearing high heels in the office or at home is easy as usually the surfaces are nice. It is a completely different story when walking in heels outside on rough roads and pavements. In such situations is best to shift your weight towards the toes and the ball of the foot and basically walk on your toes. This way you will avoid catching your heel between steel grids, the rocks on the pavement and etc. It won’t be as easy when the rough surface is too long. This is where your proper posture will be of great importance.

Also don’t be shy and taking a break. If you do take a break and have a sit somewhere, try to keep the feet in the air and do a few exercises to relax the them. Like rotate your ankles a bit. A good way to relax you feet is to sit and cross your legs keeping the one on the ground closer to your body and even a bit underneath it as this will take the pressure off from the foot. The just switch legs.

Sometimes though you will have to run in your heels. To catch the bus for example. When running in high heels remember to place the complete weight of your body on the ball of the foot and try not to put the heel on the ground as this is a great way to break it. Try to keep your steps short and quick and dont go for long strides. Also don’t run in sandals or high heels that don’t have a nice fit to your feet as this will increase the risk of the shoe slipping off and tripping you over.

Well, that’s about it for how to walk in high heels through obstacles. If you need more tips or have questions, let us know in the comments below.

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