How to walk in high heels without sound

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How to walk in high heels without soundThe sound high heels make is mesmerizing but sometimes it can draw too much attention. Some ladies prefer to be soundless in their heels. Here’s how to do it.

There are two distinct sounds a high heel makes. The first one is the click of the heel itself as it touches the ground and the second one is the sound of the sole under the toes as it touches the ground too.

Usually the sound of the heel is very liked. Some heels have a high clicking sound while others are more like tapping.

The sound on the sole though is not that liked. It is like flapping on the floor and it is not good for your overall look. Yes, your look includes the way you sound too. A great way to remove this sound is by adding sole pads to your shoes. They will take away most of this sound and will add extra traction to your high heels as well. You can also take the shoes to your cobbler who can add a rubber sole that will completely remove the sound.

Now for the heels. Change the tips to with rubber tips. This will remove most of the sound of the heels.

But remember that the surface you walk on also has a huge role in the sound you make. Some tile floors can be completely soundless while some wooden floors for example can make loud noises even if you are walking barefeet on them.

Also what if you like the sound of your high heels and just want to be more quiet for certain times. This has to do with the way you walk. If you walk faster, you will make more noise. If you walk heel-toe, you will also make more noise.

Also make sure your heels fit properly. If they are too loose, this adds to the sound they make.

So if you want to walk in high heels without sound you should walk slowly and shift more of your body weight towards the toes and make shorter steps. Also try to place the heel on the grond slower and gently.

It is not the ideal way to walk in high heels for a long time, but if you just want to get through the office hallway without making everyone notice, it is a nice way to do it. It takes some practice to get it right, so put on your loudest pair of high heels, find the loudest surface in your home and get to steppin’.

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