How to wear ankle boots

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How to wear ankle boots
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Ankle boots, aka booties, are a popular choice for many outfits. They can really look amazing if matched with the right outfit. Here’s how to wear ankle booties and grab all the right attention.

Ankle boots can be a risk, becaue they can make your feet and ankles look chunky and wider. But if you choose the right pair of booties and match them with an equally good outfit and you will be amazing.

The good thing about ankle boots is there is so much choice. There are all kinds of booties out there. Some are low cut and cover the feet right at or under the ankle knuckles. Other booties are higher and go a couple of inches above the ankle and so on. There are loose fitting booties, tight fitting ones, with low heels, with wedges, and the most popular ones – sky high thin heels.

So how to wear ankle boots

One of the most popular choice by most ladies is to wear booties with pants or leggings. Black will make your legs look slim and longer. You can tuck the pants and leggings into the booties for alinger line. This works for slim jeans, pants an leggings.

For looser fitting jeans and pants, it is best to roll or double cuff the pants legs. Even if you show a little ankle, even better. Jeans would look best with lower booties, suede, brown, grey, black.

These types of booties will be great with leggings too. You can even put on a pair of shorter socks that go on top of the leggings. Don’t do that with jeans though, only with leggings. Color leggings and tights also work great.

Naturally a skirt is another popular choice. You can achieve a great office look with a slim, knee lenght pencil skirt, low booties and black tights. Add a patterned top for some color and you are good to go.

Don’t go for competing colors between your skirt and booties though. Try to keep the pairing in a uniform color.

For more casual looks you can opt for looser fitting skirts, prints, various colors. For example a loose light-brown skirt with brown booties, grey socks and bare legs is a great casual outfit. The top can be a white or black shirt and/or a jacket.

The same can be said for dresses. A loose fitting knee length dress worn on booties with bare legs is a nice casual look. Longer skirts and dresses with booties will make your legs seem shorter. So you have to keep the lenght of the dress or skirt above the knee.

Remember that the tighter the fit, the more provocative the look. So if you are not aiming for that, try to have something loose fitting on you when you wear ankle boots, especially ones with thin and very high heels. If you are aiming for that, then simply take booties with thin heels and platforms, short skirts or leather leggings, fitted tops and you are done.

The good thing about ankle boots is that they allow a lot of creativity. So don’t be afraid to try various outfits as you look for your favorite look.

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