How to wear black high heeled boots

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How to wear black high heeled boots

Black high heeled boots are quite like black pumps – you can’t really go wrong with them. But you can go from “nice” to “stunning” if you pair them properly.

Where many ladies go wrong is exactly the picking of the right time and place to wear black high heeled boots and the outfit to go with them. There are some things to consider when you will be wearing boots for a day in the office and other stuff you need to know if you are planning to go out or have a nice casual day out.

The black high heeled boots can be perfect for the office. Choose a plain pair without buckles or other detailings on them. Exception is a small bow or a flower detailing. Go for mid-heel or lower heel if you are going to be walking a lot. The fabric can be leather, suede, but you should avoid overly shiny PVC boots.

You can pair such boots with basically any type of skirt and skirt-suit. The ultimate classic is of course a high-waist knee length pencil skirt, tights (again plain ones, avoid patterns) and a suitable shirt. It is best to opt for a more loose fitting shirt, but if you are brave enough, you can go for a fitted one, too

The boots themselves can also be fitted, but also slouch or any other type as long as it is not overly sexy or provocative. Some lace-up is fine, but avoid fully lace-up boots that have their entire front or back with lacing.

You are also free to accessorize your outfit with a scarf, add a splash of extra color and so on. The black boots will give you enough room to experiment.

Then comes the time for wearing boots for fun. Here your options are much broader. If you are going clubbing and want to stand out, opt for flashy boots, buckles, lace-ups, open toes, cut outs, everything goes. If it is OK to have a small to medium platform for an office boot, it is perfectly fine to opt for sky-high platforms for a night of clubbing.

For a casual day out though, it is best to stick within the mid-range. This means it’s ok to wear fully lace-up boots, but it’s probably not that good of idea to pick a pair that is overly sexy.

For clubbing you can pair the boots with any outfit you please, depending on what you are aiming for. You must remember that the shorter the skirt and the higher the boot, the more male attention you will attract which may not always be what you want. The same can be said when adding bright colors and tights with patterns. A looser fitting dress or pants will give you more comfort.

For a day out, boots and jeans are still a classic pairing. You can tuck the jeans in the boots for an elongated look, but it is also perfectly fine to wear them on top of the boots. A  causal day out provides you with the opportunity to experiment with different street style looks. It is one of the times where you can opt for a more unusual outfit and gauge the reactions of the people around you. This could be a good indicator whether the outfit works for you or not.

Here are some more specific tips for how to wear thigh high boots and how to wear knee-high boots too.

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