How to wear high heels if you have flat feet

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How to wear high heels if you have flat feet
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If you have flat feet you know high heels are probably off limits to you. But is it so? There are a few tips that can be of use and allow you to wear heels.

According to Dr. Emily Splichal, who is a podiatrist and knows a thing or two about high heels as well, women with flat feet can indeed wear high heels, but need to take a few things in mind before they do that.

She says there are two types of flat feet. One are flexible and the other one are more ridgid. Ladies with the former can wear high heels as their feet can flex into the position of the high heeled shoes.

The thing is they will experience foot fatigue and pain a lot more easily. So it is best to keep the time you spend in high heels relatively short and give your feet frequent breaks. Also take the time to train your feet to better get used to the position of a high heel. This means starting with wearing low kitten heels and slowly and gradually work your way up. In any case Splichal is not recommending to go too high with the heels.

But what if you have ridgid flat feet? You will know this by the difficulty you will experience even putting on a pair of high heels. Does that mean you can’t ever wear heels? Well, at first it is not recommendable since it will be uncomfortable and painful.

But don’t lose hope. There are ways to rebuild the arches of your feet or at the very least make them more flexible and stronger. Ideally you should consult with a health professional who will prepare the perfect set of exercises for achieveing your goals.

Some exercises though will be of use all the time, even for people with flexible flat feet. Like for example taking a seat on a chair where your knees are bent 90 degrees to the floor. Place your feet on a thick towel and grab it with your toes. Then roll the towel away from you with your toes. Repeat a few times.

Another easy exercise is to scatter a few large marbles around your chair. Then pick them up with your toes of one foot and place them in a container or something. Then do the same with the other foot. Repeat a couple of times.

Stand up bare feet with your legs at hip width. Imagine you are grabbing sand at the beach with the toes on your leg. Lift them up a bit, grab the imaginary sand, hold for a bit and release. Repeat for about half a minute and repeat for the other leg.

Also wear ergonomic shoes. Avoid the flats at all costs and stay away from heels more than two inches high. There is nothing wrong in using special insoles too. You can offset the heel height a bit if there is a small platform at the toes.

If you work at an office, get yourself a foot roller or tennis ball. Use it to roll your bare foot on it for a few minutes every now and then. It will have a great effect in relaxing the feet muscles. A must do even if your feet are fine but you still like to wear high heels a lot.

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